Watershed Resources

caledoniawatersheds_mainCaledonia County features five main watersheds:  Passumpsic, Upper Lamoille, Stevens, Wells and Connecticut River Direct. A watershed is a drainage area for a stream system. The Conservation District plays a crucial role in each watershed by coordinating resources and writing grants to collect data on streams and to develop and implement various watershed projects. These resources can be used within a watershed to address stormwater problems, inadequate bridges and culverts, erosion issues, flooding, and a number of other related concerns.  Watershed planning is a broad and comprehensive effort and includes the collaborative efforts of many different agencies, organizations, businesses, landowners and municipalities.

The understanding of river dynamics plays a key role in watershed planning.  Conservation Districts utilize data from Stream Geomorphic Assessments, a comprehensive study (developed by the VT Agency of Natural Resources) of the physical characteristics of a stream and how the stream is interacting and changing with the land.  After a stream geomorphic assessment is completed, a document called a “corridor plan” is created. These plans help explain various stressors within a watershed that are impacting the normal equilibrium of the stream, and help make recommendations to reduce these stressors.

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