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Local Growers Listing for Caledonia, Essex and Orleans Counties


Somers Family Farm Stand

  • Veggies, Hay, Strawberries, Blueberries available at home farmstand 10am to 6pm
  • Kathy Somers 2934 West Barnet Road, Barnet 802-633-2588

Sky Island Farm

  • Goat milk and cheese, available at home farmstand
  • Ted Hartman 64 Davidson Lane, Barnet 802-274-1531

Too Little Farm

  • Fruits, veggies, eggs, poultry, herbs, flowers, wool, sheepskin and pick your own strawberries
  • Available at home farmstand and St. Johnsbury & Danville farmers markets
  • Elizabeth and Peter Everts
  • 278 Cloudy Pasture Lane, Barnet 802-592-3088


Fuller Sunrise Farm

  • Alpacas, alpaca products, hay, veggie
  • Available at home farm, call ahead
  • Everett & Virginia Fuller
  • 1350 LeBlanc Road, Barton 802-754-2726

LilyGate Farm

  • Grass-fed Angus beef, milk/grain/grass-fed lamb, veggies, eggs, broilers, round hay bales
  • Available at home farmstand, call ahead
  • Kim Berten and Susan Cooley 179 New Dublin Lane, Barton
  • 802-525-4161

Sugarmill Farm

  • Maple syrup, museum, sugarhouse tours
  • Michael Auger PO Box 807 1296 Rte 16, Barton
  • 802-525-3701


Kingdom Hill Farm

  • Grass-fed and finished Hereford beef
  • Available at Morrisville farmers market, or call
  • Vickie Connor 2907 Chilafoux Road, Brownington, VT
  • 802-754-6530

Southe Wind Farm

  • Native plants and seeds, perennials, decorative arrangements
  • Available at home farm
  • Carolyn Boardman 3513 Chilafoux Road, Brownington
  • 802-754-2010


Brunswick Gardens

  • Nautrally grown veggies, available at home farmstand
  • Dorothy Whittaker 1788 VT Route 102, Brunswick 802-962-3351


East Burke Farm Stand/Vermont Youth Garden Project

  • Veggies, cut flowers, homemade breads, pies and preserves
  • Opportunities for youth to experience organic farming
  • East Burke village Farmstand Saturdays 10am to 2pm
  • Jessica Simpson and Susanne Norwood 24 Belden Hill Road, East Burke
  • 802-626-5394


Danjou Christmas Trees

  • Wholesale and on farm in December, call ahead 1 to 6pm
  • Loic D’Anjou 320 Todd Hill, Canaan
  • 802-277-8603


Stillmeadow Gardens

  • Hanging baskets, bedding plants, veggie starts, potted tomato plants
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Bruce & Betty Urie 758 Urie Road, Craftsbury Common
  • 802-755-6713


Second Chance Farm

  • Chicken, Heritage turkeys, Angus beef, Dorset lambs, Tamworth pigs, live piglets
  • Available at Danville and St. Johnsbury farmers markets
  • Farm tours and school groups welcome
  • Penelope Lowe 842 Fellows Road, Danville 802-748-1975

Hillside Chicks

  • Eggs, pastured poultry, available at home farm
  • Tracy and Kurt Zschau 1499 Peacham Road, Danville
  • 802-684-1073

Hollow Wood Farm

  • Veggies, melons, cut flowers, pick your own pumpkins
  • Available at Danville farmers market
  • Thomas Markewinski 31 Chet Willey Road, Danville 802-684-9706

Rowell Sugarhouse

  • Veggies, beef, hay/straw, maple products, lumber/firewood
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Gloria Rowell 4962 VT Rte 15 West Danville
  • 802-563-2756

Lewis Creek Jerseys/Badger Brook Meats

  • Eggs, Angus beef, lamb, pork, logs, pulp firewood, cedar posts
  • Certified organic heifer boarding
  • Available at St. Johnsbury Food Co-Op, local restaurants
  • Vincent Foy 565 McDowell Road Danville 802-748-8461

Randall Stick Park Alpacas

  • Alpacas with diverse genetics, stock and fiber, raw fleeces, yarn
  • Available at home farmstand, Danville farmers markets and local stores
  • Doris and Jerry Randall 521 Morrill Road, Danville 802-748-9308

Tannery Farm Cashmeres

  • Fine breeding stock, kids, meat goats, pelts, cashmere fibers
  • Available at home farm, call ahead
  • Shirley Richardson and Michael Smith 173 Crystal Ave, Danville
  • 802-684-2293

Village View Flower Farm

  • Cut flowers, pick your own, arrangements for wedding and special events
  • Available at home farm
    Lynda Farrow 466 Webster Hill Road, Danville 802-684-3694


Darling Hill Gardens

  • Hardy, field grown perrenials
  • Available at Newport/Derby farmers market or home farm, call ahead
  • Jack & Lynn Stouffer PO Box 159, Newport 243 Wood Farm Road, Derby
  • 802-334-2580

Hollandeer Farm

  • Venison, available at home farm, call ahead
  • Diane M Rowlee 58 Stage Coach Lane, Derby
  • 802-895-4115


Diamond Heart Farms

  • Home raised rare-breed beef cattle and dairy
  • Pearl and Nancy Daniels 231 Daniels Road, Irasburg 802-755-6105


Northern Forest Canoe Trail Farmstand

  • Veggies, home baked and canned goods, ice cream
  • Bill Manning & Pat Moyer Rt. 105 and Ten Mile Square Road East Charleston
(609) 865-3627

Frogrun Farm

  • Herbs, veggie starts, flowers, available at home greenhouse
  • France Prevost 6455 VT Rte 105, East Charleston 802-723-4137

Mad Brook Farm

  • Unusual and specialty organic veggies, culinary tips
  • CSA shares available at home farm
  • Michael P. LaCroix 1032 Mad Brook Road, East Charleston 802-723-4743

Northern Light Herbs

  • Organic medicinal, culinary and ornamental herbs, available at home farm
  • Kate Rediker 854 Mad Brook Road 802-723-5992


Sawmill Brook Farm

  • All natural beef, grass-fed and pasutre raised poultry
  • Black angus beef & breeding stock
  • Jon, Jim and Charlene Ramsay PO Box 69, Greensboro
  • 802-533-9804, 533-2208


Peaslee Smith Vegetable Gardens & Livestock

  • Veggies, grass-fed pure bred Hereford beef and sheep, grains, hay/straw
  • Available at home farmstand and local restaurants
  • Matthew & Barbara Peaslee Smith 6648 Vt Rte 102, Guildhall
  • 802-328-3879

Peaslee’s VT Potatoes

  • White, red and russet potatoes, seed potatoes, sweet corn, silage, hay, grains
  • Available at home farmstand, area restaurants and grocery stores
  • Matthew & Barbara Peaslee Smith 6650 Rte 102, Guildhall 802-328-4415


Buffalo Mountain Farm

  • Wrapped round silage bales
  • Available at regional and midwest sale to beef and dairy markets
  • David Ring 451 Pumpkin Lane, East Hardwick
  • 802-888-7881

Vermont Soy

  • Soy milk and tofu
  • Available at Hardwick and Montpelier farmers markets, Co-Ops
  • Sophia Smith 180 Junction Road, Hardwick 802-472-5227

Mountain View Honey Farms

  • Wildflower honey, Beeswax candles, honey jams & jellies
  • Available at Hardwick farmers market
    Paul and Diana Frederick 43 Horseback Lane, Hardwick 802-472-6749

Vermont Milk Company

  • Milk, dairy processing facility manufacturing cheese, yogurt, ice cream
  • Available at Montpelier and Newport farmers markets and area restaurants
  • Peter Burmeister 85 Industrial Road, Hardwick 802-472-5800

Bill Hill Farms

  • Winter squash, cut flowers, beef, hay, sleigh rides
  • Available at home farmstand/farmers markets
  • Bill Hill 601 Porter Brook Road, Hardwick 802-472-6308

Surfing Veggie Farm

  • Veggies, fruit, eggs, herbs, starts, pick your own carrots
  • Available at home farmstand, Hardwick farmers Market, Co-Ops and area restaurants
  • Lou Pulyer and Ann Gaillard 412 Richard Crossing, East Hardwick


Clyde River Farms & Forest Products

  • Squash and Pumpkins, Christmas wreaths, garland & trees, square-baled hay, maple syrup
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Bill Manning 170 Dolloff Mountain Road, Island Pond
  • 802-723-4534


Biz-z-Bee Farm

  • Veggies, berries, flowers, honey, wreaths, garland, potted plants
  • Available at home farmstand, st. Johnsbury and Danville farmers markets
  • Thomas and Jennie Cantin 1346 Colby Road, Lunenburg 802-892-7731

Misty Valley Farm

  • Custom sawmilling, campfire wood, wrapped hay silage round bales, square bales, apples strawberries, veggies
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Richard and Christine Birt 1358 River Road, Lunenburg
  • 802-892-7753


Chandler Pond Farm

  • Organic veggies, pasutre-raised pork, chicken, eggs
  • CSA shares, you-pick strawberries
  • Available at home farmstand and St. Johnsbury and Lyndonville farmers markets
  • Rob and Tamara Martin 528 Burroughs Road, Lyndonville
  • 802-626-9460

Donaldson’s Sawmill

  • Custom sawmilling for cedar products, rustic log siding, timber, lumber, sales on site
  • Rocky Donaldson Rte 5 North/Sawmill Lane, Lyndon
  • 802-626-7299

Meadow View Farm

  • Veggies, berries, cut flowers, grass-fed beef, potted plants
  • Available at LynBurke Motel, Stepping Stone Cafe, The White Market, area restaurants
  • Katie Parker and Rachel Downing 1545 Darling Hill Road Lyndonville 802-626-3105

Speedwell Farms

  • Veggies, eggs, beef, pork, milk, all natural, no antibiotics or pesticides
  • Available at home farm
  • Brian Nichols 267 Couture Flat, Lyndonville
  • 802-535-9677

Tamarlane Farm

  • Veggies, milk, eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, hay, compost
  • Available at farm or Lyndon Freighthouse Restarurant
  • Eric Paris 2586 Pudding Hill Road, Lyndonville 802-626-3265


Boreas Farm

  • Cashmere goats and fibers, yarn
  • Available by mail order or by appointment
  • Norma Bromley 3069 Schoolhouse Road, Newark 802-467-3222

Willoughby Gap Farmstand

  • Veggies, berries, eggs, beef, maple syrup, homemade bags & quilts, jams &jellies, hayrides
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Janice Solinsky 3 Lake Road, West Burke 802-467-3921

Wolly Buggah Farm

  • Hand-dyed wool and yarn available at home retail shop
  • Donna Coughlin 182 Center Pond Road, Newark
  • 802-467-8600


Breezy Hill Acres

  • Christmas trees, kissing balls, wreaths
  • Available at home farm, Newport farmers market
  • Carl Szych 3325 Pine Hill Road, Newport
  • 802-334-6858


Brigid’s Farm

  • Border Leicester Sheep, colored Angora goats
  • Hand-spun & dyed moahir, yarn, goat milk, eggs, goat & lamb meat
  • Weaving & knitting classes
  • Available at Danville & St. J farmers markets
  • Jane Woodhouse 123 Slack Street, Peacham
  • 802-592-3062

Everlasting Herb Farm

  • Handmade herbal products, blueberries, wedding confetti and favors
  • Available at local stores
  • Wendy MacKenzie 931 Greenbay Loop, Peacham 802-592-3111

Goosepeck Studio

  • Sculptures in clay, paper-mache, dried barks, plant foliage and decorative scarecrows
  • Available at Danville and St. J Farmers markets
  • Sandy Raynor 62 Chruch Street, Peacham 802-592-3178

McKay’s Trees

  • Christmas Trees, transplant seedlings, available on site
  • Tim and Betsy McKay 2113 Thaddeus Stevens Road, Peacham 802-592-3366

Old Shaw Farm

  • Veggies, herbs, CSA shares
  • Available at Danville and Waitsfield farmers market, area Co-ops and restaurants
  • Mary Ellen and Peter Griffin 168 Peacham Groton Road, South Peacham
  • 802-592-3349

Snowshoe Farm, LLC

  • Raising and breeding Huacaya Alpacas, offering fiber, yarn, and fibercrafting supplies
  • Available at home farmstand or online
  • Terry and Ron Miller 520 The Great Road, Peacham


Bone Farm

  • Small jersey farm, also supplies eggs, rabbit meat, maple, honey and veggies year round
  • Available at home farmstand Tues & Sat 3 to 6 or call, Peacham and Groton Farmers Markets
  • CSA Shares available
  • Jennifer Bone 23 Stone Road South Ryegate 802-584-4067
  • or facebook


Hillside Farmstand

  • Veggies, herbs, jams/jellies, pickles, fruits, maple sugar, honey
  • Available at farmstand
  • David, Yvonne and Alex Woodcock Severence Hill Road, East St. Johnsbury
  • 802-748-5405

Justa Hobby Farm Meat Goats

  • Boer & Kiko cross meat goats, breeding stock available but limited, call ahead
  • Carolyn Morrison 223 Kitchell Hill Road, St. Johnsbury 802-535-7305

Singing Brook Farm

  • Handmade balsam fir wreaths, mail order
  • Mary Noyes 1270 US Rte 2B, St. Johnsbury 802-748-6361

Mt. Pisgah Estates

  • Berries, veggies, eggs, perennials, special line of mooseware dishes
  • Goatsmilk soap, jams/jellies, pickles
  • Available at home farmstand, call ahead
  • Pat 1810 Mount Pisgah Road, St. Johnsbury
  • 802-748-2221


Auntie Dee Dee’s Homemade Vermont Baked Goods

  • Homemade baked goodies made with local ingredients
  • Available at farmer markets
  • Danielle Ekasala PO Box 404, Sheffield 802-626-7238

Cloud’s Path Farm

  • Veggies, chicken, turkey, sawmilling and forestry services, maple syrup, pick your own
  • Available at home farm or St. Johnsbury farmers market, CSA shares available
  • Sally Boisvert 491 Hod Brooks Road, Sheffield
  • 802-535-4712

Pfalzerwald Tree Farm

  • Sustainably harvested, certified spruce-fir, tamarack beams, cedar lumber, call ahead
  • Al Robertson 1619 Berry Hill Road, Sheffield 802-626-3590


Harvest Hill Farm

  • Veggies, berries, school group tours
  • Available at home farmstand, St. Johnsbury farmers market, local stores, restaurants
  • Bill Half and Ellen Gershun 421 Watson Road, Walden
  • 802-563-2046


Devaney Farm Stand

  • Starter plants, annuals and perennials, handmade cedar trellis, maple syrup and eggs
  • Robert and Sharyl Devaney 3843 Hudson Road, West Charleston 802-895-4080


Berry Creek Farm

  • Organic strawberries and veggies, jams, honeycakes, beeswax candles, annuals and perennials
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Rosemary Criozet PO Box 76 1342 VT Rte 100, Westfield 802-744-2406

Natural Earth Farm

  • Naturally grown veggies, home baked goods
  • Available at home farmstand
  • Micahel and Tonya Gunn 5504 Loop Road, Westfield
  • 802-744-6168

Wheeler Sugarworks, Jed’s Maple Products
Northeast Kingdom Mustard Company

  • Maple sugaring, maple products homemade mustards, chutney and jellies
  • Available at home farmstand, area co-ops and specialty stores
  • Stephen & Amy Wheeler 475 Carter Road, Westfield
  • 802-744-2095

To join this list of local growers, or for updates or corrections, call 748-3885 x110 or